Tampere Kuplii comics festival

Tampere Kuplii is a feel-good comics festival for everybody interested in comics and graphic novels. The festival is free of charge for the attendees, and everyone is welcome.

The dates for 2019 are from Wednesday 20.3 to Sunday 24.3., with the majority of programming taking place over the weekend. The weekend programming is held in Tampere Hall, located close to the town center, just a short walk from the long distance bus and railway stations. Tampere Hall is open from 10 to 18 on Saturday, and from 11 to 17 on Sunday.

Other event locations are University of Tampere and the Main Library Metso.

This year's theme is "Rupture". The theme covers societal rupture and change of comics as well as the change of the borders, themes and modes of publication of comics - turning points, breaches and movement of comics and the culture around them.

Programme and vendors

This year there will be programmes also in English, and information on the specific programmes, their dates and times will be updated on this page during March.

The weekend programming consists of lectures, panels, signatures, competitions and various free-form activities. While most of the programming will be in Finnish, there will also be items to enjoy even if you don't speak Finnish, for example our cosplay competition and several comics-related exhibitions. Comic vendors will be selling comic books also in English (and a lot other interesting stuff, too!) during the weekend. Our staff as well as our many vendors will also be happy to assist you in English.

Cash, cloaks and comestibles

Cash machines can be found near the Tampere Hall event site, for example from the Railway station, shopping mall Tullintori and along the nearby street Itsenäisyydenkatu.

Tampere Hall is located in the immediate vicinity of the city center, so there is only a short walk to the nearest grocery stores and restaurants.

Tampere Hall has a cloakroom, that costs 3e for the adults, and under 12-year olds go free of charge. The fee can be paid by cash or card.

Join us!

Do you want to be a part of Tampere Kuplii? If you want to join our work team during the festival, or you have ideas for programmes (or want to organise one!), or you just want to be a part the team creating the festival, please contact us!


Executive director Outi Sippo-Purma

Active executive director Karo Leikomaa

Chairman Kyösti Koskela
phone: +358 50 5728777

Publicists, Anna Ojalahti and Milla Pyyny

Artistic director for cosplay, Wilma Paatola

Directors of programme, Elisa Wiik and Mikko Seppänen

Director of work force